Yesterday’s Wind

Friday wind and rain made the house feel chilled, even though the temperature was no lower than it was the day before. A surprise — the Old Farmer claimed that the day would be sunny and cool. But large raindrops spattered on the windows most of the day, and in the yard trees waved, bent, sprang back again. For once traffic on the highway seemed nearly nothing.

The little tin hummingbird that hangs from the top of our hummingbird feeder, whether as decoy or decoration I’m not sure, took flight during one ferocious burst. I didn’t find it on the patio, so walked around the yard below, thinking it may have taken refuge among the plants there. But it was not to be found, perhaps flown further down the hill. The cat who had accompanied me down the back stairs assisted my search by complaining and running back and forth between my legs. Later, when the winds had diminished, I found the fugitive hummingbird on the patio, disguised as a withered leaf huddled against the wall.

Saturday was sunny and cool, a pleasant and productive day, although the Old Farmer said scattered showers and warm.


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