An Unusual Solution to Financial Distress

It seems that there was a young man who had fallen on hard times. He lost his job and was forced to rely upon his small inheritance to provide him with his daily bread. The inheritance, however, had never been large and inflation greatly reduced his financial stability. His meager savings dwindled. Eventually he could no longer pay his rent and was evicted from his apartment. He wandered the streets searching without success for a new habitation. Every dwelling he visited, every apartment advertised in the local newspaper, would cost him much more than he could afford. He fell into despair.

One afternoon, as he sat on the guard rail of a bridge over the river trying to muster the courage to throw himself into the cold water below, a kindly stranger happened by. The stranger inquired about the young man’s sadness. Upon hearing the young man’s story he cheerfully declared, “You must book passage immediately for Abu Dhabi.”

The young man was astonished. “Why,” he asked, “should I go to Abu Dhabi? My inheritance is so small and very little remains of the money I saved. There would be even less left after I paid for my journey. How could I live?”

The stranger merely replied with a smile, “Abu Dhabi is a lovely place. And as for how you shall live, this will be no problem. Surely you have heard of the low rents of Arabia.”


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