Winter Arrives

Weather reports said there would be snow and warned that a large winter storm would cover the area, but it seemed unlikely that we would get much snow here.

The red maple

The red maple, 19 December 2009

Yesterday there was no snow at all, and while it was cloudy and cold it wasn’t cold enough for snow to stay unmelted even if it did fall. We drove to Fairmont late in the afternoon on a quick shopping trip, and the roads were clear both up and back. The mist, very slight precipitation, began while we drove home. We looked to the sky, but it didn’t seem to promise more than a typical snowfall.

Humming bird feeder

Humming bird feeder, 19 December 2009

Later in the evening large, wet snowflakes began to fall, but they stuck only on the grass — flakes melted as soon as they hit the sidewalk. We went to bed expecting to see some snow in the morning, but not a lot.

Patio table and chairs

Patio table and chairs, 19 December 2009

Apparently we were mistaken.

Milford at Hartland

Motorist's surprise, 19 December 2009


One thought on “Winter Arrives

  1. How much snow have you gotten so far? From my Austin, Texas eyes it looks like at least 75 – 100 years worth of snow all at once.

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