The Crystal in the Kitchen

A wedding gift, it seems to have been with us forever, almost always hanging in the kitchen window wherever we were living.

Kitchen Crystal

Kitchen Crystal

Tiny itself, its many facets scatter tiny spots of colored light, tiny rainbows, when the sun is bright, and the kitchen is made more cheerful by its presence.

Tiny Rainbow

Tiny Rainbow

And to entertain small children, or perhaps just to entertain myself, I would spin the crystal to see the rainbow spots dance and swirl around the walls and cupboards.

Dancing Rainbow Spots

Dancing Rainbow Spots

I still spin the crystal when the sun is bright, even though the small children are grown and no longer watch. Everyone needs a kitchen crystal to spin.

There are no rainbow spots today — the sky is snow gray, no sunlight shines on the crystal. But the sun will come other days, and the rainbows will reappear.


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