Between Holidays

A week ago our children, no longer children but our children nonetheless, were here, Christmas was approaching, and time was not ordinary. The amazing snow that preceded Christmas by a week, barely pausing to permit our drive to the Pittsburgh airport to retrieve the two, melted in the heat and rain that came just before Christmas itself. The sidewalks and streets had nearly cleared themselves by Christmas Eve.

New here but wishing to continue family tradition by attending a Christmas Eve service of music, carol singing, and people, we found ourselves in a Baptist church and immersed in a religious tradition quite different from our own. I think it would have been all right if there had actually been carol singing, but it was only an hour and then we could escape for our annual Christmas lights ride, exploring a new territory, new lights.

We found no shows here like the areas of Austin known to our family as “A Night to Remember”, “The Avenue of Excess”, and “Candy Cane Lane”, but there were some nicely bright and glittering houses, and next year we will know better where to look.

And now the “in between” time is here, a week of ordinary days thrust into a season of extraordinary days, between the flurry of Christmas and the flurry of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. The season of lights fades to its end and the new year prepares to begin. Plant catalogs have arrived. It’s nearly time to select.


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