Imagine My Surprise

The Patching Parade had come and gone and the snow walls along our sidewalk, which provided slight protection for our yard from the street, had shrunk to near nothing, leaving an unpleasant grim remnant of gravel, ash, and salty water in their place. The trees throughout the yard had lost their white jackets, and even most of their smaller white decorations. Warm weather had arrived, and surely Spring was knocking at the door.

Then came Wednesday night.

Thursday morning as I rose from bed I glanced out the window and realized with a start that the evergreens along the house were white again. Then I noticed that many tiny white flecks were flying through the air. The snow was back.

Yes, it snowed here all day yesterday, all day today, probably all day tomorrow, and maybe all day Sunday. It’s likely to snow at least part of the day Monday. It isn’t always snowing hard, but it’s always snowing.

But so far the snow has been light and fluffy and rather pretty. And shoveling hasn’t been difficult, although the sidewalk was partly covered again by the time I got to the other end. Even the ten-inch drift in front of the garage was easy enough to remove. And since I have no need to go anyplace right now I can just sit here and enjoy the snow.

We’ll see how I feel about it tomorrow.


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