A campout past

Robert & Arend

Robert & Arend hiking

Here Robert and Arend hike in a Texas state park around 1991 or 1992. This was a Camp Fire outing with Hilde’s club. The rest of the group, club members and their parents, had walked on ahead while the two of us, having started out after the others left the camp ground, made our way a bit more slowly through a small gully that cut across the trail. We eventually caught up, probably because the group had paused at some interesting point in the woods.

Camping and hiking were normal activities when the kids were small. We spent several Thanksgiving weekends in state parks, cooking Thanksgiving dinner over an open fire; and each year at least one of the two holidays that roughly bracket the school summer vacation in Texas — Memorial Day at the beginning and Labor Day at the end — saw us camping on the beach at Mustang Island on the Texas Gulf coast. Sometimes the week between Christmas and New Years found us camping on Goose Island, also on the Gulf coast, and driving through the Aransas Wildlife Refuge on our way home.

As the children grew older, other events and interests, theirs and ours, consumed more weekends, more holidays, and excursions into the parks became much less frequent. Since our move to West Virginia we have resumed park visits and hikes in more wild areas, but have not yet resumed frequent camping.


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