First Snow, 2011/12

This may prove to be a snowy year. I was told that 3 weeks ago the mountain resort area to the east got 9 inches (23 cm). We didn’t get that snow here in Clarksburg — it’s not yet Halloween and there are still leaves on the trees. But today we are having our first taste of snow for winter 2011/2012.

Snowfall 29 October 2011

Snowfall 29 October 2011

The street past our house is narrow, and we are at the point that the hill peaks before it curves sharply down the other side toward the West Fork River. Accidents are common in front of our house, and sometimes in our yard, especially when the road has been made slippery by snow or ice. In mid-November 2008, shortly after we bought this house, someone celebrated that year’s first snowfall by turning his car upside down slightly down the hill in front of us. Today the pavement is wet but clear, apparently no more slippery than usual for a wet morning. There have been no accidents in front of the house and no ambulances passing by, although the neighbors’ cars are unusually white (ours is hiding in the garage).

Car in Snow 29 October 2011

Car in Snow 29 October 2011

This snow probably won’t stay long. The National Weather Service says tomorrow’s high temperature will be in the upper 40s°F (around 8°C), and “mostly sunny”. It seemed to be settling in for today, but now appears to be slacking off. I don’t think it will amount to a half inch (1.27 cm).


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