First Snow, 2012/13

We have received a Halloween gift of sorts, a trick or a treat, depending on your point of view, a little ahead of the holiday. The Witch of the East, in the form of a hurricane named Sandy, and the Witch of the West, in the form of an unnamed storm that rushed across land last week to join her, combined to batter and torment our neighbors. But they were mild for us, and brought us a present.

Light snow on the lawn

Light snow on the lawn, 30 October 2012

We didn’t get the horrors that Sandy brought to some parts of the eastern coast. A wall of mountains stands between us and the ocean. Dramatic storms, heavy rain, and fierce winds were predicted for us, but none of that drama materialized here. Instead we started out with light, chilly rain.

Sunday evening rain began to fall. It continued to fall, usually not hard, but constantly. By Tuesday morning, today, we had about 3 1/2 inches (nearly 9 cm) of rain in the gauge, and snowflakes had begun to mix into the wet air. It seemed unlikely that this would amount to much; the air was too warm for the snow to continue long, and the ground was much too warm for any significant accumulation even if the snow didn’t stop. But grass and fallen leaves were soon decorated with white trim, and parked cars were flocked like Christmas trees. After a while the rain disappeared leaving only snow in the air, and snow kept falling all through the day.

Now it’s evening and the snow hasn’t fully stopped. Here at our house there’s still no real accumulation, but on the east side of town the snow is blowing and drifting. And farther east where the land is higher, the snow is still falling as well. There is fresh deep snow in the mountains. Someone said that the ski resorts will open early this year. Winter 2012/13 has begun.


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