In the Goat Cart

My mother said that one day when she was little she was playing outside and a man came by with a goat cart and a camera.

In the Goat Cart

Lillian Jacobsen in the goat cart, ca. 1917

The man asked her if she wanted to sit in the cart, and she naturally said “yes”. My grandmother didn’t find out about all this until the picture had been taken and the man presented her with his bill. She was furious, of course, but she paid, and so I have this picture of young Lillian, somewhat stoney-faced, firmly holding the goat in check, an intriguing revelation of my parent as a small child. And I’m free to speculate on the conversation between mother and daughter later that evening.

I think this picture was taken near the intersection of Avers Avenue and Lawrence Avenue in Chicago, about half a block north of my grandparents’ house.


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