Will We Get Some of These?

We planted this Belle of Georgia peach tree late spring last year.

Peaches had already formed on it when we brought it home, but that summer was harsh. We were out of town during a period of little rain, and the tree suffered, did not recover well from being transplanted. Most of the small branches lost all their leaves and died. Long before the end of the summer all the peaches had dried up and fallen off. I wasn’t sure the tree would survive.

Peach blossoms in April

Peach blossoms in April

This spring the tree proved its vigor. Skinny and leafless, with only half of its original branches still alive, the tree nevertheless greeted April with a lovely show of peach blossoms, followed by healthy leaf growth, and finally what might become a small but respectable crop of peaches.

Peaches in early June

Peaches in early June

Maybe we’ll get some of them.


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