Parkin Archeological State Park

Parkin Park Sign

Parkin Park Sign

A stop on the road to Texas — Parkin Archeological State Park, Parkin, Arkansas.

The spider motif on the park’s sign was taken from a copper gorget that was found at the site in the 1960s.

Three effigy pots at Parkin

Parkin Head Pot

Parkin Head Pot

Parkin Head Pot #71

Parkin Head Pot #71

Parkin Head Pot #72

Parkin Head Pot #72

Parkin’s main mound

The Chief's Mound

The Chief’s Mound

The air was filled with swarms of dragonflies, and a gentle rain started while we walked the path around the site. We spent a long time talking to a park ranger who was clearly thrilled that he had someone to talk to — he toured us around the small museum and told us much about the park, related archeological digs in the area, what is known, or believed, about the culture of the village, de Soto’s visit, and the effigy pots on display. If you’re in the area of Parkin, stop in for a visit.

For further reading:

A brief archeological report on the Parkin site

The Park’s web site

Wikipedia on Parkin


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