Super Blood Moon, they said

So, “Super Blood Moon,” they said, a harvest moon, large in appearance because at perigee, and a total lunar eclipse all in one. A rare event, not seen since 1982 and not to be seen again until 2033. Facebook and all the Internet, so far as I could tell, were all atwitter, so to speak. So we looked at the published schedule and stood out on the patio at the designated time. Clouds prevailed, but the moon poked out from time to time. We waited. The moon disappeared completely behind a cloud. We waited some more. The clouds parted again and revealed the earth’s shadow creeping about three quarters across the moon’s face. The full eclipse was approaching. Okay, I thought, the clouds are going away, we’ll get to see this one. And so we watched as the lighted part of the moon gradually shrank to a tiny curved white sliver. And just as the earth’s umbra erased that sliver, displaying the moon as a faintly glowing, reddish disk, dense clouds drifted back in and all was hidden once more. Rats! Hope some, at least, of our friends got to see the show. Looks like we’ll have to wait another 8 years.

An excellent short animation by NASA can be found on this Wikipedia page:


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