More Changes among the Trees

A week ago another storm came to visit us. We were treated to wind and rain and ringing wind chimes and a little rearrangement of the trees in our backyard.

In the midst of the pounding rain I heard something like a clatter of branches in the backyard. I thought something might have hit the house, so when the storm had settled itself I went out to see what had happened. There were plenty of bits of twigs and leaves, a moderately sized branch under the red maple, but nothing more than the normal fallout from a bit of wind. Then I saw this tangle of maple and spruce limbs.

Fallen tree limbs

Fallen tree limbs

I chose not to examine it closely right then, but in the morning I discovered that the top of the lightning-struck Norway spruce in the middle of the backyard had broken off in the wind.

Norway spruce topped

Norway spruce topped

Apparently as the piece of spruce fell it sheared nearly all the branches off a nearby pine and removed two large branches from what remained of the silver maple after the dead wood cleanup this spring.

Broken maple

Broken maple

Cleanup will continue for a while, as we await fresh storms.


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