… I still possess a snapshot taken of us as we pulled away down River Road, and when I look at it I am appalled at the manner in which we burdened Eardlie [the family’s Model A Ford]. None of your pregnant glass-and-chrome showcases of today could have carried that load for a single mile. Eardlie could do so only because he was the ultimate result of five thousand years of human striving to devise the perfect vehicle. For there is no doubt at all the the Model A stands at the apex of the evolution of the wheel. And it is a matter of sorrow to me — as it should be to all men — that this magnificent climax should have been followed by the rapid and terrible degeneration of the automotive species into the effete mechanical incubi which batten off human flesh on every highway of the world today.

— Farley Mowat, The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be

1928 Model A Ford

1928 Model A Ford (source: Wikimedia Commons)


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