Strolling York’s City Wall

York, Yorkshire, England, 6 June 2013.

We (Lisa, Ruth, Mike, and I) were going to spend the day in the old city, to see the Shambles, and the Minster, and the city museum, and perhaps a pub or two. There was much to see — Roman ruins, Saxon and Viking relics, Medieval England, and more recent historical sites.

We set out atop the Medieval city wall from Micklegate Bar toward Clifford’s Tower.

Strolling on the City Wall

Mike, Ruth, and Lisa Strolling on the Medieval City Wall

It was a pleasant walk, with parts of the city laid out below us. No intimate glimpses into back gardens of Medieval estates here — those are found on a different segment of the wall — but there were some lovely older buildings in the city outside the Wall.

Looking Down on York from the Wall

Looking Down from the City Wall into York Outside the Wall

Eventually we came to the end of that segment of the Wall and had to go down to street level to continue. We climbed down a stone staircase and crossed the Skeldergate Bridge over the Ouse.

Crossing the Ouse

On the Skeldergate Bridge Crossing the Ouse


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