Knowlton Covered Bridge

Wayne National Forest, 10 November 2016

As we drove up the Ohio River, we came across a rest area with some informational signs and maps. On one map we found a reference to the “Covered Bridge Scenic Byway“. We have frequently sought out covered bridges. I’m not totally sure why. I suppose we think they’re “scenic”? Or maybe “historic”? In any case, we find them interesting, and we’ve stopped at a lot of them over the years. Some people collect stamps, some collect Indian mounds; we seem to collect covered bridges.

And so when we reached Fly (across the river from Sistersville), we headed west from the river on state route 800 with the intention of heading south on state route 26 to see the bridges.

Driving south on 26 we eventually came to a sign announcing that the Knowlton Covered Bridge could be found if we turned east onto a small, unpaved road. The road didn’t look bad, so we made the turn. Not far along, the road ended at a small picnic area and the bridge.

Knowlton Covered Bridge

Knowlton Covered Bridge

Unfortunately, the bridge is not in good condition. While web pages I’ve seen on the Internet say that it is passable for pedestrians, its entrance is currently fenced off entirely, and siding has fallen off in places. It seems that the hoped for grant for repairs has not yet been secured.

We walked around and looked at it for a bit before we headed on, but we were disappointed and saddened. We decided to return to the Ohio River route rather than continuing south to see the two other bridges on the scenic route. We took state route 260 back to New Matamoras, and headed north toward Moundsville.

Knowlton Bridge sign

Knowlton Bridge sign


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