Bodmin Moor

Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, 11 June 2013

Our return trip to Dorset took us through Bodmin Moor. This would have been a great place to hike, if we had allowed ourselves enough time. Unfortunately, it was getting late and we had to get back to Sidmouth.

Bodmin Moor pastoral

Bodmin Moor pastoral

As it was, we drove through a couple of charming villages; passed lovely pastoral scenes as well as some wilder areas; visited the edge of Dozmary Pool, a small lake which some claim hides Arthur’s Excalibur (if we had seen the Lady of the Lake we would have asked her about that); and had tea at the original Jamaica Inn.

On Bodmin Moor

On Bodmin Moor

As we drove we may have spotted a few standing stones in the distance, but we couldn’t get close enough actually to see them, and there were few places to pull off the road to look more closely. My journal says of our drive through the Moor: “small windy roads, very high hedges, & a map that didn’t include all the roads became wearing.” This is clearly a place that would reward a couple of days wandering. Maybe we should stay in Cornwall next time.


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