Carrollton Covered Bridge, 2017 Update

Maybe I should drape a black border around this post. It is, in some sense, a death announcement.

Not long after we moved to Clarksburg we took the wrong turn returning from an outing at Audra State Park and found ourselves on the Carrollton Covered Bridge. What a wonderful find, we said. And through the years since then we have escorted any number of visitors to see this charming bridge. I wrote a brief note about it in 2010, with a nice picture of the massive beams that support it (, and Lisa wrote a couple of notes about it as well ( and

Carrollton Covered Bridge, 19 April 2014

Carrollton Covered Bridge, 19 April 2014

The bridge was completed in 1856, and has stood as a crossing of the Buckhannon River ever since. It has survived the Civil War, storms and floods, and the destructions of age and changes in fashion. It’s part of the preferred route to Audra State Park for many people.

We were last there on Sunday, 6 August, this year when we took our friend Margaret to see it, unsurprisingly on our way back to Clarksburg from an excursion to Audra.

Carrollton Covered Bridge, 6 August 2017

Carrollton Covered Bridge, 6 August 2017



On the morning of 11 August we discovered that the bridge was on fire. Apparently someone decided that it had been there too long, so set it aflame the night before. At this time, it’s not known whether it can be restored. As far as I know, the arsonist has not yet been identified.

For more information on the bridge and its burning, see:

Rick Steelhammer (Charleston, WV, Gazette-Mail):, Historic and Notable Bridges of the U.S.:


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