About Robert

}My name is Robert Helfer.



I was born in Rochelle, Ogle County, Illinois, near the beginning of the “Baby Boom”. Since leaving home for college, I have lived in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois; St. Charles, Kane County, Illinois; Columbia, Maury County, Tennessee; and Austin, Travis County, Texas.

I currently reside with wife and three cats in this house in Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia.

For more about me and my family, see our family web site, or send email to me at rshelfer {AT} uchicago {DOT} edu.


3 thoughts on “About Robert

  1. Hi Robert, I was recently referred to your GEDCOM posting which includes LENHARDT from the Banat region. My ancestor Theresia KRONBERGER married to John LENHARDT [1/16/1910] in Lefor, North Dakota. I research in the Banat region mostly in the villages of Bogarosch, Bakowa, and Neuseidel. I am interested in your sources for the LENHARDT line.

  2. John — Sorry for not responding earlier, but the holiday craziness is pretty much over now and I’m beginning to catch up with all the correspondence I have been neglecting. Write to me at rshelfer {at} gmail.com and we can converse about Lenhardts in the Banat. I’d love to share information.

  3. Hello Robert,

    I am a descendant (9th generation) of Johann Hermann Lenhardt * 3. martch 1707.
    There are some wrong dates of birth in your genealogical tree because of the different
    data format between the US and Europe we use day-month-year.

    I would like to talk about this in detail. Please write to me at info@a-lenhardt.de

    Kind regards,

    Dan Adrian Lenhardt
    Nürnberg Bavaria Germany

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