It’s Spring!! — Oh. Never Mind

Yesterday morning when we came home from Tai Chi, we found the first snowdrops (Galanthus) blooming in our yard. It’s been warm. Nearly all the snow from the last snowstorm is gone. It’s Spring!!

Snowdrops on 8 February 2016

Snowdrops in the lawn on 8 February 2016

This morning when we got up, we found different snow drops.

Snow on 9 February 2016

Snow on the lawn on 9 February 2016

It’s cold again, and it’s likely to be like this for a while. I guess winter isn’t quite ready to go away.

Talking About What’s Important

They walked on toward the point in peaceful silence. Finally, Verner said, “Years ago you never talked about horsepower and fertilizer.”

“I didn’t realize they were interesting. Common-place things can be fascinating.”

“But yourself, personal things — you don’t talk about that,” Verner observed.

“Maybe not about the things that matter most,” Grandmother said. She stopped to think. “In any case, less than I used to. I suppose I’ve already said most of it by this time. And I realized that it wasn’t worth it. Or that I didn’t have the right to say it.”

— Tove Jansson, The Summer Book, translated by Thomas Teal

The Immigrants

On the grounds of the Harrison County Court House, Clarksburg, West Virginia:

The Immigrants

The Immigrants

The Immigrants, by W. D. Hopen.

Plaque, The Immigrants

Plaque, The Immigrants

So build your community that quickened conscience, larger vision, deeper devotion and equality of rights for all will resolve itself into an enthusiastic zeal for personal service in the community. All who give service are torch bearers.

— Theodore Roosevelt

Julebukk Re-Ribboned

Julebukk came to our house the first time in 1985. According to an old Scandinavian custom, we were supposed to burn him in the new year that followed that first Christmas. Instead we kept him, allowing him to stand among us every Christmas season from St. Nicholas Day until Epiphany.

Over the course of 30 years he’s become a bit worse for wear — some straw is a bit bedraggled and his bright red ribbon has faded and partly disappeared. And so, as a 30th birthday present, we have given him some new red ribbon. And we expect him to grace our Christmas seasons for another 30 years.

Julebukk Re-Ribboned

Julebukk Re-Ribboned